Our Corporate Services Division

We craft comprehensive itineraries, organize specialized corporate events, and coordinate business meetings, industry conferences and trade exhibitions. From professional planning services to on-site management, we make sure our clients’ events exceed expectations.

Our Services

Event Planning

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From specialized conceptualizing of your congresses and meetings to designing every aspect of your conventions and exhibitions, we take care of all your corporate event planning needs.

Transportation Arrangements

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Experts at logistics throughout Costa Rica, we arrange all your transportation during your trip, including airport transfers, meticulously organized rides between your events and hotels, deluxe car rentals, and private drivers.

Venue & Destination Selection

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According to your specific needs and preferences, we meticulously choose and present you with the top venues for your corporate events, as well as the ideal destinations within Costa Rica for your extracurricular activities during your stay.

Local Arts & Crafts Displays

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We are well-acquainted with and support the work of local artisans, and assist in the sourcing of their craft. We arrange for the display of authentic Costa Rican arts, crafts, products, and souvenirs to add that unique touch of tradition to your corporate events.

Team Building Activities

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We organize team building activities and programs before, during, between, or after your corporate events, to foster collaboration, motivation and engagement among participants.


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We only work with top talent, and choose the most captivating entertainment options for your corporate program, from live music and acrobatic acts to art shows and traditional Costa Rican performances.

Catering and Dining

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From booking premium catering services to facilitating five-star restaurant reservations, we make sure you savor the finest local cuisines in Costa Rica during your stay.

Audiovisual Services

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We outsource the services of the top audiovisual technicians and experts in the country, to skillfully set up, manage and disassemble sound systems, lighting and video equipment for your corporate events.

We have vast experience in and are experts at the planning and coordination of every aspect of business meetings, industry conferences and trade exhibitions.


Furthermore, I want to thank all of you and your entire team for the support, not only in transportation and assistance in Punta Leona (which was my part of the package), but throughout the visa process. A very long and complicated process. The transportation and Punta Leona part worked perfectly, and I appreciate all of you and your team for the kind treatment and support you provided. Always attentive and friendly. I couldn’t ask for better! Warm regards and hugs to everyone.

Peter Saugman
Costa Rica Operations
RightsCon 2023

I am writing to express our gratitude for your support in the organization of the two major events in Costa Rica. Both events were a great success and everyone agreed that the event management services were excellent! A big thank you to you all, and especially to Eugenia, who guided us from day 1 with calm and passion for her profession throughout all five days of the events, with flexibility and understanding of our needs. I hope that our paths will cross again!

Catalina STROE
Programme Manager
Cybercrime Programme Office (C-PROC)
Council of Europe – Conseil de l’Europe