Our Services

Event Planning

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From specialized incentive activities and teambuilding exercises to official meetings and product launches, we take care of all your event planning needs.

Destination & Venue Selection

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According to your specific needs and preferences, we meticulously choose and present you with the ideal destinations within Costa Rica for your incentive trip, as well as venues for your events.

Transportation Arrangements

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Experts at logistics throughout Costa Rica, we arrange all your transportation during your trip, from airport transfers and domestic flights, to deluxe car rentals and private drivers.

Adventure Planning

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From zip-lining and white-water rafting to nature hikes and wildlife excursions, we recommend, reserve and arrange for you to go on Costa Rica’s most exciting adventure activities.

Catering and Dining

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From booking premium catering services to facilitating five-star restaurant reservations, we make sure you savor the finest local cuisines in Costa Rica during your stay.

Audiovisual Services

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We outsource the services of the top audiovisual technicians and experts in the country, to skillfully set up, manage and disassemble sound systems, lighting and video equipment for your productions, presentations and experiences.


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We only work with top talent, and choose the most captivating entertainment options for your program, from live music and acrobatic acts to art shows and traditional Costa Rican performances.

We plan the most original, fun and exciting travel programs for inbound incentive groups. From challenging teambuilding activities to nature-immersed leisure and luxury, our customized itineraries guarantee a Pura Vida experience!

Top Destinations


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Get humbled at the sight of the majestic volcano, hike its jungle trails, soak & simmer in the world-famous hot springs. Arenal awaits.


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White-sand beaches and clear blue waters, tropical dry forests and waterfalls, five-star resorts and top-notch restaurants. Guanacaste awaits.

Central Pacific

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Lush, green jungles line the golden sands, wild waves are tamed by world-class surfers, and white-faced monkeys join cocktail hour. Central Pacific awaits.

Central Valley

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The heart and soul of Costa Rica, where scenic mountains and breath-taking volcanoes meet art, culture and history. Central Valley awaits.