TAM Travel Corporation

We bring you genuine Costa Rican culture and traditions.

TAM Travel Corporation

Only the best restaurants for your events and pleasure.

TAM Travel Corporation

State-of-the-art conference venues for your business meetings.

TAM Travel Corporation

The most exciting, exhilarating adventures in Costa Rica.

TAM Travel Corporation

Professional planning, setup and interior décor for events.

TAM Travel Corporation

Quality venue selection for meetings, conferences and events.

TAM Travel Corporation

Planning, handling and execution of world-class conventions.

Our Divisions


We are experts at creating unique experiences and designing upscale vacations.


We plan the most original, fun and exciting travel programs for inbound incentive groups.


We craft comprehensive itineraries, organize specialized corporate events, and coordinate business meetings, industry conferences and trade exhibitions. 

About Us

We are the leading, most experienced destination management company in Costa Rica. We design luxury vacations, plan unique travel programs for incentive groups, and specialize in crafting corporate events. For six decades, we have created exceptional experiences in Costa Rica, and made tropical vacation dreams come true.

Why Us

Our passion is not only to curate the most spectacular travel programs in Costa Rica, but also to ensure a seamless blend of exploration and indulgence. We don’t sell tours, we realize dreams.

Our Clients

We have brought to life the tropical luxury vacation hopes, dreams and desires of every client with whom we have worked. Our list of satisfied guests consists of some of the world’s most renowned international organizations, and all of them have had one thing in common: each one fell in love with Costa Rica, and remember TAM Travel Corporation having played Cupid!

Our Leisure Services

Customized Itinerary Planning

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We work closely with our clients to create the most unique tailored travel itineraries according to their interests, preferences and travel goals.

Accommodation Booking

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We help secure premium lodging at hotels, resorts, eco-lodges, and vacation rentals that best suit the traveler's needs and budget.

Transportation Arrangements

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We are experts at handling all transportation and logistics, including airport transfers, deluxe car rentals, private drivers, and domestic flights within Costa Rica.

Tour and Activity Reservations

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We book the best guided tours, adventure activities and cultural experiences in Costa Rica.

Adventure Travel Planning

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We arrange and organize awesome adventure activities such as zip-lining, white-water rafting, hiking, and wildlife excursions.

Cultural Immersion

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We help travelers get immersed in Costa Rica's culture through visits to local markets, cooking classes and cultural performances.

Wildlife and Nature Experiences

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We plan wildlife tours, birdwatching expeditions and visits to national parks to explore Costa Rica's rich biodiversity.

We respect sustainability laws & practices.

We are fervent advocates of responsible and sustainable tourism.
Join us in promoting a brighter, more conscientious future for travel in Costa Rica!

Our DMC Services

Event Planning

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We specialize in planning and orchestrating diverse events, including conferences, meetings, incentives, product launches, and team-building activities.

Venue Selection

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We assist in the meticulous selection of venues that align with your event's unique needs, taking into account factors such as capacity, location, and technical requirements.


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TAM Travel Corporation takes care of your transportation needs, managing airport transfers, ground transportation, and logistical support to ensure a smooth and efficient movement of participants.


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Our team is dedicated to securing the ideal lodging options, negotiating competitive rates, and guaranteeing that accommodations align with the group's specific requirements.

Activities and Excursions

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We curate an array of team-building activities, tours, and excursions that showcase the rich tapestry of Costa Rica's culture, natural beauty, and adventurous spirit.

Catering and Dining

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Our experts arrange catering services and restaurant reservations, ensuring that attendees savor the finest local cuisine during their stay.

Audiovisual and Technical Support

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We skillfully manage the technical aspects of your event, including sound systems, lighting, and video equipment, to enhance presentations and experiences.


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TAM Travel Corporation sources and organizes captivating entertainment options, ranging from live music to culturally rich performances.

Our Affiliations

We are members and affiliates of the most reputable international associations and institutions in the industry. We keep well-informed on all industry innovations, and participate in all relevant industry events. We love what we do!

Our Corporate Services

Event Planning and Design

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TAM Travel Corporation assists in conceptualizing and designing corporate events, taking into account the client's goals and preferences.

Destination Selection

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We help choose suitable locations for corporate events, considering factors like accessibility, budget and the desired atmosphere.

Venue Selection and Booking

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TAM Travel Corporation identifies and secures appropriate venues, whether it's a conference center, hotel, resort, or unique event space.

Logistics Management

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We handle all aspects of logistics such as transportation, accommodations, catering, and technical support, ensuring a seamless event experience.

Team Building Activities

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TAM Travel Corporation organizes team-building activities and programs to foster collaboration, motivation, and engagement among participants. Sourcing Local Crafts: We can assist in sourcing local crafts, products, and souvenirs to add a unique cultural touch to the event.

Sourcing Local Crafts

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We can assist in sourcing local crafts, products, and souvenirs to add a unique cultural touch to the event.

Entertainment and Activities

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TAM Travel Corporation arranges entertainment options such as live music, cultural performances and team-building activities, as well as off-site tours and excursions.

Catering and Dining

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We coordinate catering services, restaurant reservations and culinary experiences, ensuring attendees have access to quality cuisine.

Audiovisual and Technical Support

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TAM Travel Corporation manages audiovisual and technical requirements for presentations and event production.