Our Corporation

About Us

We are the leading, most experienced destination management company in Costa Rica. Founded in 1964, we bring to the table invaluable wisdom of the years, as well as the innovations of today, thanks to our team of experts. Each one of us are specialists in our respective fields, professionals committed to detail, accuracy and success. For six decades, we have created exceptional experiences in Costa Rica, and made tropical vacation dreams come true.

What we do

We design luxury vacations, plan unique travel programs for incentive groups, and specialize in crafting corporate events.

Our Leisure Division

We are experts at creating unique experiences and designing upscale vacations. From crafting exclusive itineraries to recommending the most exciting activities, we enhance and enrich your luxury tropical vacation experience in Costa Rica.


To provide travel experiences that transcend, enrich and positively transform lives. We accomplish this by granting exclusive, secure and opulent access to the most remote and breathtaking corners of Costa Rica, all delivered with unrivaled value and expert guidance.

We craft programs that not only captivate but also etch enduring imprints on the lives of our guests, enabling them to explore the world with unparalleled comfort, style and a profound appreciation for the rich tapestry of global cultures and environments.

Our DMC Division

We plan the most original, fun and exciting travel programs for inbound incentive groups. From challenging teambuilding activities to nature-immersed leisure and luxury, our customized itineraries guarantee a Pura Vida experience!


To become globally recognized as the most trusted, innovative and sustainable destination management company in Costa Rica, setting new standards for excellence and responsible travel for generations to come.

Our Corporate Services Division

We craft comprehensive itineraries, organize specialized corporate events, and coordinate business meetings, industry conferences and trade exhibitions. From professional planning services to on-site management, we make sure our clients’ events exceed expectations.