Our Sustainability Policy 


We are committed to leading by example, and integrate sustainable and responsible practices that protect and enrich our natural, cultural, and social environment for present and future generations. Our goal is to offer exceptional tourism experiences that promote the well-being of local communities, environmental conservation, and sustainable economic development.

Environmental Conservation

Environmental Impact Minimization: We implement strategies to reduce carbon footprint and consumption of natural resources in all our operations and tourism activities, including efficient use of water and energy, waste management, and emission reduction.

Biodiversity Promotion: We collaborate with local and international organizations to support conservation and restoration projects of natural habitats and endangered species in Costa Rica.

Environmental Education: We educate our employees, suppliers, and visitors about the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable practices through training and communication programs.

Social and Economic Development

Support for Local Communities: We foster local economic development by hiring local staff, purchasing local products, and supporting small businesses and community projects.

Culture and Heritage: We strive to protect and promote Costa Rica’s rich cultural heritage, ensuring that our tourism activities respect and celebrate local traditions and values.

Inclusion and Diversity: We promote equal opportunities, inclusion, and diversity in our workplace, and oppose any form of discrimination.

Sustainable Economy

Responsible Tourism: We promote responsible tourism practices among our clients, suggesting activities that support environmental conservation and the well-being of local communities.

Sustainable Innovation: We invest in innovation and technology to continuously improve the sustainability of our operations and tourism services.

Sustainable Partnerships: We seek partnerships with suppliers, organizations, and entities that share our values of sustainability and social responsibility.

Implementation and Monitoring

We commit to implementing this sustainability policy by establishing specific, measurable, and achievable objectives, and regularly review our progress. Additionally, we undergo internal and external audits to assess the impact of our sustainable practices.

Communication and Participation

We pledge to transparently communicate our sustainability efforts and achievements to all stakeholders, employees, clients, suppliers, and the community at large, encouraging participation and collaboration from all to achieve our sustainable goals. This policy reflects our ongoing commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism in Costa Rica, and will serve as a guide for our future decisions and actions. At TAM Travel Corporation DMC, we firmly believe that traveling and exploring the world sustainably is not only possible but essential for preserving the beauty and diversity of our planet for future generations.

Status & Certification

TAM Travel Corporation is a Sustainable Tourism, CST-certified company

Renewable Energy

We recognize the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing our impact on the environment. That’s why we have invested significantly in renewable energy sources such as solar and hydroelectric power. By harnessing the abundant natural resources available in Costa Rica, we strive to operate our facilities with minimal reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Sustainable Supply Chain

We are dedicated to sourcing products and services from local suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability. By prioritizing local businesses and adhering to strict environmental standards in our procurement processes, we contribute to the economic growth of Costa Rican communities while minimizing the environmental impact associated with transportation and logistics.

Community Engagement

We believe in the power of community-driven initiatives to drive positive change. Through partnerships with local organizations and grassroots initiatives, we actively engage with communities to support education, conservation efforts, and economic development projects. By involving local stakeholders in decision-making processes, we ensure that our tourism activities benefit the communities that host us.

Employee Well-being

Our employees are our most valuable asset, and their well-being is paramount to our success. We prioritize the health, safety, and professional development of our team members through comprehensive training programs, competitive wages, and access to healthcare services. By fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment, we empower our employees to deliver exceptional experiences to our guests while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Measuring Impact

We are committed to transparency and accountability in our sustainability efforts. Through rigorous monitoring and evaluation processes, we track our environmental performance, social impact, and economic contributions to ensure that we meet our sustainability goals. By regularly assessing our progress and identifying areas for improvement, we strive to continuously enhance the effectiveness of our sustainability initiatives.

Stakeholder Engagement

We recognize that sustainability is a collective effort that requires collaboration and dialogue with various stakeholders, including government agencies, local communities, and industry partners. We actively engage with stakeholders through consultation processes, industry forums, and advocacy initiatives to promote best practices, share knowledge, and address common challenges facing the tourism sector in Costa Rica.

Long-Term Goals

Looking ahead, we are committed to advancing sustainability in Costa Rica’s tourism industry and beyond. Our long-term goals include further reducing our carbon footprint, expanding our community engagement initiatives, and strengthening our partnerships with local stakeholders. By setting ambitious targets and embracing innovation, we aim to inspire positive change and leave a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

TAM Travel Corporation is a Sustainable Tourism, CST-certified company.