Learn About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tropical country located in Central America, to its northern border Nicaragua, and to its south Panama. Ideally located, to its west is the Pacific Ocean and to the east the Caribbean Sea. Best described as having small land mass and big biodiversity, its ever-changing landscape and the close proximity of varying natural attractions make it the ideal travel destination. Unadulterated access to nature and limitless adventure is what awaits visitors!

A cultural tour of metropolitan San Jose in the Central Valley gives way to the crystal-clear waters of Puerto Viejo on the eastern Caribbean shores. Virgin jungles meet untouched white sands in the breath-taking South Pacific where wildlife thrives, and there’s nothing quite like white water rafting in the rapids of the Savegre River in the Central Pacific. Everywhere you go, nature follows – the grass could not be any greener! Well-known for its natural beauty, over 50% of Costa Rica is protected forest, and it is globally renowned for its green practices and strict sustainability laws. From forestation to recycling, from reusable energy to water cleanliness, Costa Rica is a role model in all matters of environmentalism.

Total preservation of flora and fauna is a priority for Costa Rica – after all, it contains 0.5% of the entire world’s biodiversity. Rain is an overwhelmingly vital factor in Costa Rica’s greenness, falling daily during the Green Season, and occasionally alongside an overall pleasant climate during Gold Season, mainly consisting of clear, blue skies and plenty of sunshine. The average temperature in Costa Rica ranges from 20-25C, differing from region to region. No wonder Costa Rica is always associated with heartfelt happiness!


Ever-present exposure to nature and endless adventure defines beautiful Costa Rica. From the golden shores of gorgeous Guanacaste, to the majestic Arenal Volcano towering over the jungle – there is an abundance of awesome activities ranging from surfing those 6-foot waves, to zip- lining over the lush, green rainforest.

Costa Rica is ranked among the world’s happiest countries, and has some of the world’s highest recorded rates of longevity, 78.2 being its average life expectancy. The Costa Rican comes from a unique combination of heritages – from Aztecs and Mayans to Europeans and Africans. The proverbial “Tico” is known to be warm and well-educated, and the country’s literacy rate is 96.3. Costa Rica has a population of about 5 million people, and the majority reside within metropolitan San Jose and its surroundings, since it’s the country’s business center.

Costa Rica has a thriving economy and proven political stability, renowned worldwide for being the most peaceful country in Latin America. Peace is not just a symbol, but a way of life – Costa Rica abolished its army in 1948, and ever since, has been free of conflict. Peace brought alongside it the opportunity for development, and as a result, an abundance of foreign investment. Costa Rica plays host to corporate giants such as Microsoft and Amazon, and on its coasts sit some of the world’s most luxurious five-star resorts.

In addition to five-star resorts and the breath-taking natural beauty, Costa Rica’s convenient location and reasonable proximity to the Americas and Europe, make it an ideal travel destination for inbound visitors. There are many direct flights from several hub cities operated by renowned airlines such as Delta, United and American Airlines. Getting to Costa Rica is easy, and being in Costa Rica is a tropical dream come true!